Online casinos now catering for South African players

  • Jan 21, 2021

As the South African online gambling market is slowly opening to international operators, many South African casino players want to jump in on the action. They would like to know what these new casinos' online slots are that pay out the highest. As with anything new, a measure of caution should be employed and some research done before committing to a new casino to play at. To get an idea of recommended online casinos that cater for South Africans, see here { } to play risk free and get the best bonuses.

How to identify legit casinos

Many legal online casinos and especially those that would like to acquire a foothold in a new market such as South Africa, needs to be legit and transparent in their dealings with the bona fide players. Similarly, the software companies that provide online slot games to these casinos also need to be forthcoming with the metrics and information around the licensing and vetting of their games. Aspects to look out for here are the presence of licenses awarded to the casino by reputable online gambling boards and authorities.

Similarly to the casino license, the online game provider to the casino also needs to be licensed to provide games to a certain jurisdiction. Further to this license the random number generator of each slot game that the provider supplies, needs to be vetted and regularly audited so that players can be assured that the casino and its slot game providers promise to adhere to fair play principles and not trying to take unsuspecting players for a ride like many fly-by-night operators that are already trading in the South African market.

Identifying high-paying slot games

Reputable online slot game providers will provide their casino partners with marketing packs as they release new games. The information that is typically provided with these packs include game metrics such as the return to player (RTP) percentage. This percentage indicates to the player what he can expect back from the game in terms of his wagers placed over time. How it practically works is: Player X places R100.00 worth of wagers on a slot game listed at an RTP of 96.5% at a consistent coin size. Over time, player X can expect R96.50 back.

Another measure that the player can look out for that should also be prominently displayed in the game information is the volatility of the online slot game. Volatility (often also referred to as dispersion or variance) is a measure of the risk involved in playing the slot game. It also lets players know how often they can expect a slot game to pay out and how big the payout could be. For example: A slot game with high volatility will have higher risk meaning that payouts are bigger but few and far in between.

Other tips to identify high-paying slots

Besides the player choosing online slot games that feature a high RTP percentage and to focus on finding a slot game volatility level that suits his playing style, there are some other tips a player can follow to see what slots are likely to pay out bigger than others. Players can join and scan online player forums and message boards where other South African players share their slot game experiences. There are also many comparison sites available that offer slot reviews done by independent slot game players.

Furthermore, players that want to choose a casino to play at can identify the game providers that the casino offers and go and research the game developers. This way they could see which new games will offer higher RTP percentages. Certain online slot game providers build up reputations for having high RTP (also referred to as loose slots) slot games. Inversely, players should avoid games that don't pay out. Some providers have slot games that are notorious for not paying out. Players can build up their own blacklists of providers and games which don't pay out.

and to conclude ...

Finding the online slots that have high payouts boils down to research. When a game provider wants to break into a new market such as South Africa, they are sure to be as transparent as possible with game information so that players can build up a relationship of trust with their games. After all, a casino's game's is its bread and butter and is the reason that players are attracted to online gambling. If you stick to games with high RTPs and avoid games that hardly ever pay out, you'll be sound as a pound, baby.


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